After my wednesday´s good-morning training my thighs were so hurting… I decided to concentrate on bench press and do only some light training and stretching.


– a few sets with a bar

– a few sets with 40 kg


– a few sets with 40 kg

Bench Press

a few sets with bar

– 8x 30, 40, 50, 3x8x 60kg

Shoulder exercises


On the weekend  I went jogging with my room mate. And after that we made some food Lihaaaa– and oh.. it tasted sooo good :)  The Meat loaf was wraped around kasler. nammmmmmnammmm. And I almost forgot.

We were watching a football game with Uwe (I hope that I wrote it right this time) in a little Greek restaurant. There were plenty of nice people and  I think we need to try it again :) (if Uwe will invite us)

So after the game, which VfB won 7-0, we came back to our apartment and ate this beauty <3.

On saturday we watched a movie. The movie was the Expandables and Sylvester spoke fluent German. :D I need to say, that dubbed movies are on thing, that I haven´t gotten used to. But it is a good way to learn German.

” Was für eine gierige Piraten” – Jason Statham

OH, and finally we have  Internet. I am so happy about it!  :) Sini took a picture while I was chatting on saturday after our dinner :)

So today was a training day. And now it feels like I can do also harder exercises. I am now both physically and mentally ready for it. GOOOD I am so relieved to find my passion for powerlifting again and it is happening so soon after competition.

Monday 20.9.


cycling 10 min


a few sets with a bar

– 8x 40, 4x 60kg

– 8x 70,75,80kg


– 8x 80, 85, 90

Narrow bench press

8x 30, 40

– 8x 60 (7cm board), 8x 65kg ( 7cm board), 8x 65cm( 5cm board) (and if the board is wrong term it is only because Sami Pullinen told to use that word) ;)

French bench press with dumbbelll

3x8x 22,5kg

Exercise wheel

– 10x OW, 8x 10kg, 10x 10kg


– during training

First time I am very satisfied with my trainings. And I can´t wait tomorrow!!!! BTW, There is a video from WC in the end. And Uwe the maximum is 2 meters…

So here is the film. Please enjoy my cheering after last deadlift.. I am so embarrased… :)

– Anni

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