All good things come to an end..Sad but true.

Summer ended after the wknd festival. But even though I miss warm evenings it is nice to have normal life and routines again. It means training.

And more training…

I found my motivation again and I can keep on working full-time. So it is good that we do not have so many resting days in my training program. Mika believes that it is better to do something than do nothing. It means if I have a day off I will do just lifts with a bar, I will go play tennis or cycling. Recovering is much more efficient if I am not just lying on the sofa :)

But anyway, I noticed that I have not taken any pics recently! That issue I will prepare as soon as possible. Now you just need to enjoy my too long video about my trainings :P Sry.

Next Saturday I will be lifting in Parkano on Southern Finland Championships. It will be “just one training” to me. We will see…

Autumn <3 (Copy right: Tommi Mankki)
Autumn <3



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