I have now started to feel like home here in Stuttgart. But I have now only 15 minutes time to write this So I will write my story very short today.


15 min


– with bar 2 sets

– 40kg+60kg 2 sets

– 3x8x 70kg

Box squat

-3x6x 70

Narrow grip bench

– 2 sets with bar

30+40kg 2 sets


French bench press

– 3x8x 30kg


-a lot of


We took a picture. So there is my dear room mate Sini  and I. :)

We were in very funny rock and indie bar listening some music last weekend.  There was that guy with those “Lederhosen”.

AWESOME! Young people here are actually using those traditional German clothes. Maybe I will buy one pair and give my brother them for x-mas present :)

But now I got to go. Those librarians are staring at me (The library will be closed at 9 pm)

– Anni

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