It has been a pleasure to notice that the more I train the better it feels.  I am now training very light and I am trying to get used to training more.



cycling 15 min

clean & jerk with bar and some Good Mornings


– with bar few sets

– 2x8x 60kg, 8x 80kg, 3x 100kg

– 3x8x 100 kg


– few sets with bar

– 8x 30, 8x 40, 8x 50

– 3x8x 60kg

Benchpress with dumbbell

3x6x 17,5 kg

Hyper extension

1x 50



– cycling 15min

Front squat

few sets with bar

-2x8x 40, 8x 50, 2x8x 60


8x 40, 8x 60, 2x8x 70

Military press

– 3x6x 40

Clean and jerk (1+2)

– 3x 40 kg


– lots of

A few nice things have happened. One of our coaches asked me to take part in a German Open RAW powerlifting competition. And best part is that RUDI is there also! I don´t know about it yet because I need to ask  Seppo and after that I need to be sure that I can lift there. I don ´t want to lose my next years World Championships because of RAW competition! But Ove said that there is plenty of IPF lifters and also those who are in Germany´s national team. And they have same rules as we have. BUT I need to check this out and decide after that.

Secondly One of our weightlifters came to me and said that he is working at a local newspaper and they would be very happy if they could do an article about me! And of course I said yes! It will be sooooo awesome! Me!!! In German newspaper! :) Hihii, but they will do it after my vacation. I will go to Portugal in first week of October…

But hey! I heard some rumors about my lifting mate. He has done almost 1000 kg raw-total. Of course I needed to check it out and I find this!

Like I said the change has not been so huge. When I trained in Turenki there was Janne Virtanen – the big and very scary man. And now here is him :) Only difference is that in my German gym you can see daylight and lifters are drinking beer during training (alcohol-free but beer!! Come on man! :D)

But now I need to go to eat. Today I will rest and on Friday I will go to squat.. Again. Cool!

With love


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