My foot is hurting – a lot. I couldn’t walk yesterday. I should rest sometimes :)


My flight was cancelled.We noticed it at 2 am when I was checking details of my flight. So I sent an e-mail to my boss that I can not work on Wednesday but I will come on Thursday. It was -25  Celsius in Finland when  I left and I was hoping to get out of the plane and feel the warm Stuttgart. I was so wrong! It was more than – 10 and the air was so wet. It felt even colder than the weather in Finland. I took a cab and drove to city center. When I was at my apartment I remembered that there is no elevator!  Wednesday was the first day when I walked without crutches and I was so tired already. I took my luggage and climbed to the fifth floor. Tuire waited for me here and I was so pleased to have such nice roommates! It helps a lot spending my freetime here in Germany.


I managed to wake up on time. It might be because I asked my friend to call me in the morning. :)  But still it was too hard for me to be at the office on time. I took a wrong S-bahn even though I checked it a thousand times!  I found out that I was in the S4 after Ludwigsburg. I jumped out and drove back to Ludwigsburg and took the S5. Finally, when I arrived at Bietigheim it was already 9 o´clock so I needed to take a taxi (again) and I arrived happily to  Bietigheim-Bissingen. I am doing my master’s thesis there and on Thursday I started to collect material with my supervisor. I like the place. The office is nice and people are very friendly.I went to train too and of course I wanted to train in Fellbach. Life is so normal now and even Sergej said to me that it feels like I have never been gone. I really like it here


I went to work a bit later because I wanted to buy my monthly ticket. After working a whole day and running in the city I was so tired that I did not do anything else than lied on the sofa and listened to music. Tuire and Kerttu invited some friends so I chatted with them. I ate my first yufka too!


I want to lose some weight now. I might compete in Finnish RAW Championships  so I should lose 2-3 kgs. It is still difficult becauce I can not go jogging. I will start swimming again and I have cycled after my trainings. I squatted over 60 kgs for the first time! wuhuu! It might be one reason for my hurting foot. Jussi came too (He was skiing in France) so I have 3 roommates. On Saturday night we went to eat together and man I was tired.  I am still and I decided to rest this day. Next week will be hard. I have plenty of work and trainings.

Two things I want to say. First thing is to you, Tuomas. Even though I will start dieting I will eat fat. Like you can see here is  some evidence: It is extremely hard to find cheese with less than 15 % fat. Normally it has 30-40% fat. (This 48% means the fat percentage of dry matter)

Second thing: Mum sorry that I havn’t had time to chat with you. I will try harder next week. Song to you <3


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