Because I have just trained (snatching and cleaning, more snatching and some jerking…) I decided to write something about my life :)

I am working in a company where we develop wind parks. My job is very interesting and I love to spend hours at work. But on the other hand it is very stressful to always try to be a good worker and a good lifter.

I will open up more about me now.

I used to love track and field. I ran hurdles and still I can find myself looking for a new pair of spikes. The only problem was that I did not like to train alone and in track and field you really need to put effort for your own trainings and you need train a lot. I always thought training alone and setting a target of your own is not my thing ( I was so wrong… :) ) . That was one of the reasons I started to play football.  I was around 14 years old then.



When I was finishing my high school my big brother died. After that it took many years to find my place in this world. I could not play anymore because it did not make any sense to me. I wanted to be alone.  But knowing the fact, I have never finished any of my sports I take part in made me a bit frustrated. I was the loser who did not want to train… I started jogging and I went to gym. After a year people there notice that I was starting to get better results and they were trying to put me to compete in powerlifting. I did not care about it.

I have a good friend, Arto “Eepi” Löppönen,  who wanted to start coaching me in powerlifting and after my first year in the University I took part in my first powerlifting competition. After half a year I was lifting in Nordic Championships in Denmark and from there I have competed 6 times in Worlds, 3 times in European Championships and many many National Championships. As a result I have twice won the Junior European Champs in Powerlifting and been third twice in the Junior Worlds.. This year I won my first bronze in open class as well (Classic Powerlifting Worlds).

Me, Anni Rastas, Evelina Hytönen and Anna Everi @Vierumäki

And then was the time for weightlifting…

After being just for sad several years I realized that competing is my way of solving issues of my personal life. I needed those targets to keep on breathing, but still, after every competition I was tired. I needed to find another competition to go but still it didn’t help. So starting to train weightlifting and beginning to learning something totally new was very hard for me at first. Step by step I have started to enjoy training and I do not need to run anymore.

At the same time I studied in the Technical University of Tampere. I did not care studying at all, but suddenly I noticed I might be able to graduate. One of my biggest challenges was over. I won my-self. I finished something and I was still keep on going with my powerlifting and same time with weightlifting.

Just a little bit graduation! with Allu, Jani and Katha

A week ago I noticed something… I love training.  Even though my social life is zero. But the best thing is that all my real friends have understood that and they are still there even though I am not seeing them a lot. Training is not anymore just the thing to keep me breathing. I am curious about myself and learning new sounds like a good idea. Weightlifting <3 the sport you can never master 100%.


My oldest friend. Piksu, we have met so many difficulties together, we will still face them. Thanks that you have shared your life with me! :)
Tuomas and I after my foot injury. My first steps!
Tuomas and I after my foot injury. My first steps!
Me and my sister that I never really had :) J

But you should not think that I am lonely. Nope at all. All in all it is one of the best things to notice how many good persons I have in my life! Even though all people I have met have not wanted just good for me there have been many of those who stand beside me. And every second I appreciate it more and more. Thanks mates!

House warming party

A very good friend of mine, Katariina Vestman, said once that it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

In the end I will add my latest video. Not so big weights, not so much videos, but there is something…  :)

BTW! The shorter stories about my life you can find here

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