Maybe the most terrible three weeks are behind and I can start concentrating on training and living now. I had some exams at the Uni and then I needed to do some schoolwork and I did not have any free time. I needed to drop my training away because the hours per day ran to an end.  But hey, I started the ACKD-diet. I am testing it for Leader who is one of my sponsors. It is a bit mixed version because I need to train and I need more calories than I can get from that diet.

My bodyweight is around 64 kgs now so I do not need to drop so much for the Europeans. The nomination list you can find here. I lost 2 kgs of fat during the first 16 days :) . I still have some tests coming and more information about my diet after it ends.

Hmm I was qualified for Raw Classic World Cup and I am very happy to continue training without equipment. I have still some pains in my feet and I have not recovered  from my operations totally. It will take some time… My doctor said that it might be more than 6 months to be 100% healthy.

I started to train with the Smolov squat system again and I bench with Sheiko’s bench program now. I have tried to deadlift too but but… I changed my technique a bit and it is still quite difficult. Maybe next Saturday I will manage to do normal DL-training. My diet-mentor said that my new diet might have an impact on my training but I have not noticed anything special. I have developed the whole time. Of course, if I continue it too long, my power will decrease. That is why I have started to eat 50 % normal meals and 50% ACKD-diet meals.

Last weekend I kept a diet-free day. I ate a lot. Really! Here is some proof. : )

In the picture is my and Tuomas’ breakfast :) I have so nice time with my friends. I, Ville, Aleksi and Tuomas went to dinner together on Saturday. It was an Indian restaurant with spicy meat and a lot of flavor. I like it!

Thanks guys and Jossu. You made my day :)

I am now in Germany again and I will spend a week and a half here. I have trained at the Maxx and on Thursday I am supposed to go to Fellbach to bench. We will see.. I have not trained with heavy weights so I am a bit worried about starting equipment training…

I heard some rumors that it is snowing in Finland!! heheh. It is warm here. EVIDENCE!

ÖMS: This is dedicated to you. Every cheese has more than 30 % fat and the one I bought might be the best cheese I have tasted ;)

Hei vaan hei ja palataan!



ps. 12x 100 after 4x7x 100 :D

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