I have found a new training place. It is SVF and there are both powerlifters and weightlifters. The place is called Zeppelin Halle and is located in Fellbach. There is a few pictures from the gym. It costs only 7 €  per month :)

There are plenty of weights and good bars.  So there is everything I wanted!

Friday 10.9.2010

– 15 minutes cycling

– Squat

with bar few sets

6x 40kg

3x8x 60kg

– bench press

with bar few sets

8x30kg, 8x 40 with stop

3x8x 55kg

– Deadlift

4x60kg, 6x80kg, 3x8x 100kg  (sumo)

8x80kg (normal)

– sit-ups

From Russia with love

One guy from our gym said that I should not squat so deep :( He said that I am squating like weightlifters… I asked about it from Samuel and Seppo and Samu said I should try to squat more with my hips and thats how I can control my back better.

I should try it next time… If I understood his advice right.

And Thank you Levon for the jacket above :)

– Anni

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