I have tried to train normally now but it is still too painful. I have started to do some weightlifting because my weights are so small that it just help to relax my back. My back is better but my muscles are very tight so I can not do powerlifting normally. I have started to  stretch again and I have permission to go to massage again. It has helped me a lot and I am recovering much faster. But still I can´t help thinking competitions are coming too soon.

My trainings!


Wednesday 19.10

BP 6×70, 4x 75, 2x 80, 2x 85 2×1 x 90

Pull-ups 3x8x

Push press behind the neck 5x 25, 35, 45, 50


Thursday 21.10


Snatch 30kg

DL 2x6x 70  and my back is still hurtinggggg

Cycling 40min


Front squat 3x6x 65

Squat 6x 60,80 3x 100


Friday 21.10

Snatch 2x3x 25, 3x3x 35, 3x 40 pb 0x 42,5,45 1x 45 pb 0x50,50 1x 50 pb

Snatch pull 3x5x75 kg


Saturday 22.10

BP with shirt

Push press behind the neck 3x 25,35,45,55, 1x 60

Military press 6x 30,35,40, 3x 45

Push press 3x 50

Sunday 23.10

Clean and jerk 2+1 25,35,40,45,50,55,60 / 1+1 65,70

Cycling 40min

Monday 24.10.


Squat 3x 80, 100, 120,130,140 yipppiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 60 kgs are missing anymore :D

Stop squat 2x6x 60


Power snatch 3x 15,25 30,35,40 ja 1x 45

Hang snatch 25-45 kg

3x power clean + 3 x front squat + 3x push press 25,35,40,50,60 pb


Snatch pull 60kg

Torstai 27.10

Weightlifting competition

Snatch 40-46f-46
Clean and jerk 64-70-75f (2-1 )

Friday 28.10

3x 90, 3x 120, 3x 140, 3x 160 , 1x 180 1x 185 too heavy.. I do not know what to do. Worlds are coming and my back is still hurting


3x 25, 3x 30, 3x 35, 3x 40 3x 45 pb, 2x 50pb


I might have some pictures too but I will add them later.

Now I need to go to sleep :)


Bis bald



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