On Monday I realized that I am now really sick… I called my doctor and asked what to do. He said I needed to go to the hospital as soon as I could. So it took 20 minutes and I was there. They took some tests and I left with antibiotics. Nice start to RWC!

I thought medication would help me (I had fever and  pain in my lower back and stomach) so I drove back to work. But after one hour I realized that there was still something wrong with me. The terrible pain in my back was coming from my kidney. I called my friend that I can not drive by myself to the hospital and asked if he could drop me there.

The doctor took some blood tests and yes. My kidney was infected. The good thing was I realized it so fast, that it could be  healed with pills. So i changed my medication and traveled back to Espoo because I needed to sleep. New pills helped me and I managed to sleep very well. In the morning I packed my luggage and started my trip to Stockholm. I was so tired and it was not a good thing that I could not drink at all on Tuesday (my bodyweight was 64,1 on the morning).

Our hotel in Stockholm was very nice. But my first night there was terrible! I did not sleep at all because the pain in my back returned. It might be because I could not drink and I had this problem with my kidney already….

So without sleep I went to the venue. My bodyweight was 62,7 kg and I had plenty of time to drink and eat  – I was lifting in the second group.

When I started warming up I noticed how tired I was. There was no tension in my body at all! I just tried to handle my squats. My first one at 135kgs was easy but the 142,5 was already very tough. I was planning to squat 150 with my last one but on Wednesday I could not squat even 145! puuh.

Bench was ok. Felt pretty good and 90 kgs was a good lift. But I managed to do everything wrong with my 92,5kg… 90kgs was my new record but there is still a lot of kilos to gather with my bench.

DL was better than in Ukraine. My technique was better but weights were heavy. I have noticed some development after changing my training style..

My total was 402,5kg (new Finnish record). My DL and Bench were new records too. I did the best wilks ever made raw in Finland  (female) but still I was fourth. I really need to say that competitors were stronger than me. I need to train harder!

I want to thank all my friends for supporting me and of course team Finland. It was nice to have so good team spirit. Thanks Jari for listening to me and my worries again. Now it will be time for hard training. Almost all pain in my feet is gone and I will finish my school in autumn. Hopefully the decrease of stress will help me with my new goals and training.

I have decided to put all my force to the World Cup 2015. RWC will be held in Helsinki then and there I will be stronger than ever. 3 years is a long time if used well.

Rönni will be my next target and then I will sit down and think about my next competitions. It is sad but true that I can not be a good weightlifter, raw powerlifter and EQ-powerlifter. Some decisions will be made. I Will tell u more then.



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