I had a holiday. I was working but I kept 2 weeks break from training. I trained but withouth program, Mika forced me that I can not even think my lifts, blog or coaching and I concentrated on my friends for a while.

I added now in to the video Aptis and Okulov’s lifts from the Universiades. You can find Eero Retulainen lifts there as well.

Warming up - area
Warming up – area
Eero's group
Eero’s group

. Because Eero was lifting on Friday and I lifted on Wednesday I spent the whole Thursday or wait. I need to write this sentence again. I spent all my money on Thursday. That ment professional shopping (Unfortunately,  I do not have photos from my shoes (4 pairs)) couple of jeans and plenty of other nice things that I found.

But there was something that I really tried to search.

Capsicam and Finalgon!
Capsicam and Finalgon!

These hot balsam are my life savers! TY Russia!

Kari – our coach – and his work mate from Russia took me with them to Kazan city center. Kazan is very nice city and inhabitans are very friendly. That city I would like to visit one more time bacause There was so much to see and too less time.

Me at the mosque
Me at the mosque
Kazan city center
Kazan city center
Eero’s lifting mate from Canada

I was back at home on Saturday 13.7. and my luggage came next week’s friday. I was  terrified that Finnair has lost my new shoes! I could not sleep during the week… ;)

This two holiday weeks after Universiades I rest (and cleaned my apartment.. yes, really 25 m^2 and 2 weeks. It is possible because I am a bit freak :) ) and then was time for the first Summer festival – Summer sound.

I used to not like trance music at all. But same time when I started weightlifting I started to like this weird electrical music which makes people jump and dance.

So I jumped and danced three days and I have not recovered from that yet. This three days were the best of my summer. I was there with my good friends, we have nice time, there was no hurry at all – I needed that!

Thank you guys,  I love you all!

Friday and it is starting SUMMER SOUND! :)
Friday and it is starting SUMMER SOUND! :)
Saturday's morning breakfast (guys were happy :) )
Saturday’s morning breakfast (guys were happy :) )
Nicky Romero and Saturday night!
Nicky Romero and Saturday night!

On Tuesday was time to start training.

No mercy and I have noticed it. All my muscles are so in pains now! Mika has decided to continue his project ” Anni is learning how to train”…

But as soon as I know that every lift makes me better, every training makes me stronger I would spend the whole day at the gym. In the other hand Mika has tought me, there is no good trainings if you do not  know how to recover. That is why I have –  again – started to eat like athelete suppose to eat. I have tried to sleep more than 8 hours every day. I have stopped to work during evenings.. Evenings are now my blessed free time. Tand I have met each other and after 6 months break I watched news from the TV.

This weeks ended as I wanted. I have been at Vierumäki because we have training camp. Today I will go back to Helsinki and we have SOCCER match!!!!! Yippee! SO come to see me play on Sunday 15:15 to Tapuli’s field :)

But now I need to go to sleep. These eight hours are waiting for me.





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