I should take more pics. I will do it next week :) I have one working day anymore and then I have my holiday!!! Yippee!!!

There has not been anything else than training in my life during this summer so I am waiting for my holiday. Maybe I manage to meet my friends and rest a bit.

On Friday I drove to Tampere because I needed to go to Kokkola on Saturday. And  I almost forgot!!!! I have new clothes and shoes.. Need to take some pics tomorrow and add them :) I have new hair style too. I need to take another pic :P

We had our Summer Camp in Kokkola and it was so nice to meet friends and lift in good company. I ate some pizza :) and even I have said it is better to me to lift under 63 kilos weight category sometimes I miss pizza… and ben and jerrys… and chocolate…. :'( but hey, 3 weeks and then I can eat again!

I have nothing special to say. I played football on Tuesday, I rested on Wednesday, I went to squat on Thursday morning and I cleaned my apartment on Friday. So actually very light training week… Or not :) I went to Kokkola and I had there squat training on Saturday morning, Bench training on Saturday eve and deadlift on Sunday morning.

In the end of our camp something went terrible wrong. Sertsi broke his ankle (actually it is not broken but his ligament are teared ).  Because we went to camp with my car I needed to go to hospital with him and we spent there whole day. Instead of shopping in Tuurin kyläkauppa I played Angry Birds in Kokkola´s hospital. :D

But hey, I will just add my latest video and stop writing. My life is boring now but I promise to you to make a change. ;)

Maybe next week already.

ps. I took a new piercing again (4 weeks ago). But unfortunately I ate it today. Yes, I have a piercing in my tongue and today at lunch I ate it. I called Jossu and she dropped a new piering to me. No harm done but next time I need to tighten my piercings more secure. :D

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