Like I told you, my last exams were last week. I was very relieved when Wednesday came and it was time to start concentrating on training and my master’s thesis. I trained on Tuesday too even though I knew I needed to study a lot if I wanted to pass my mathematical statistics exam.

Tuesday 22.5.

Snatch from low hang 

32,5 kg x3x3

 40kg x 3

47,5 x3

50x 3

52,5 x3

55x 3

57,5x 2+0 :(

Front Squat + Jerk

45kg x (2+2)

55kgx (2+2)

65kg x (1+2)

75kg (1+2)x3


40x 3

50x 3

60x 3×3


The exam went well and the sun was shining, Summer – I have been waiting for you!

For the first time I rode my motorcycle to work. I have tried to ride a lot now so I can get used to it.

Wednesday 23.5.


some sheiko sets



Thursday 24.5.


3x 90

3x 105

4x3x 120



Friday 25.5.

Low hang DL

3x 90, 120

3x 135, 145, 150



The long-awaited weekend came and I bought a new helmet. I went jogging in the morning and had a great breakfast.  I love it when I have time in the morning to make my breakfast in peace. I trained with Rolle at Bruna this time.

Saturday 26.5.

Snatch pull + snatch

32,5  (2+2)x3

40 (2+1)

45 ( 2+1)

52,5 ( 2+1) x3

 Clean + front squat + jerk

40 (1+2+2)

52,5 (1+1+2)

60 ( 1+1+2)

65 (1+1+2) x3

Snatch pull from thighs


I had sushi. I have some kid of an addiction to it now :) I need to practice how to make it by myself. Aleksi and Ville came to visit and we cut Aleksi’s hair and ate beef. I had a great time with my friends!

We were supposed to train on Sunday too but the gym was closed. Mur… I needed to go jogging then and I asked a friend of mine to join me. We ran to a forest nearby and of course I needed to take some stupid pictures. The first picture is named ” I want to look like a troll ” (success). The second picture is: I hope that one day I would have muscles to show. (no success) 

This article will be shorter now becuase I need to run. Tomorrow I am going to go to Kalajoki. I have some work to do there. And for the whole weekend I will be either in Pori or in Tampere.

I almost forgot!

Levon is coming to Finland! He really will! Yippee!!!!

And I finished the first season of Game of Thrones. I will start the second one now. It is nice to notice that I have a normal life again :P

Winter is coming


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