I have tried to figure out if the winter has really started. It is now +4 degrees and raining. I had looked my tickets wrong and I will go to Finland tonight! So I need to start my journey at 3 am because I need to go to the airport by train and bus.

However, when I came back from the massage Sini had already cleaned our apartment. So my duty was Kehrwoche.

And I love that our neighbour´s kids are staring at you whole time when you are cleaning… But it was my first Kehrwoche and I survived.

After that I tried to do something useful (School stuff) because in the evening was my friend Daniel´s birthday party. It was in an Irish Pub and it was actually pretty similar to Hällankellari. I promised to buy Daniel something small and useful. So what could be a better gift than a reindeer’s head? (actually it was an elk). Night was great and I met some German guys who were singing Turmion Kätilöt.

Others went to a night club, but we went back home with Sini. And on Sunday of course we went to watch football. We watched the game in our home bar Classic rock cafe where we ate some hamburgers and Cheese1cake too.  And our magic has ended. VfB Stuttgart lost. But it was all because of that stupid referee who gave a penalty kick to Köln with no reason. :( Thank god our cakes were so good that I couldn´t be disappointed. I was a bit worried about eating carbs but Sini told me that there is only proteins in cheesecakes ;)

But now I need to go to school and finnish my school stuff before my flight. So next time I will write maybe on Sunday when I am again back in Germany.

– Anni

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