It has been a while since I wrote. I was planning to add some pictures from my trip to Bayern but I lost my camera cable so I will add them later. On Sunday it was THE Maxx-day. I like to train there. The atmosphere is great and I can do my cardio exercises there.

Sunday 19.2.


Box squat

6x 30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,95

8x 90, 8x 85, 10x 80

Military press

4x8x 35




Monday 20.2.



Tuesday 21.2.


8x 30,40,50,60, 70,75



Wednesday 22.2.

Bench with shirt

Some sets


4x6x 60


Thursday 23.2.

Weightlifting competition :D

Power snatch

 45,50,56 pb

Power C & J

60,65,70 pb

Front squat

6x 30,40,50,60,70, 60


Saturday 25.2.

Bench press :)

16x 65kg (just for fun after Raw Compatition held by Hauiskääntö)

Sunday 26.2.

Eating ice cream.

Now I will add some pictures! The first one is from the Maxx. I took it on Sunday.


I heard some rumors that my legs are too big.  I like them :) I prefer ghetto-size girls to catwalk models. But it is only my opinion!

Carnivals started on Monday. I didn’t take part in them because I needed to train. But people were crazy! They had funny costumes and they were singing and dancing in the city center. Bakeries were selling all kinds of “Berliners” outside and the weather was fantastic!

On Wednesday I travelled to Finland it was snowing there, surprise! It was nice to be there and during my way back home I visited Turenki. Seppo was waiting for me and we benched together (I was satisfied with my training)

At home  I needed to start packing because I was moving to Espoo. On Thursday I spent my day studying and training and on Friday it was time to go to a hairdresser.

There has been a terrible hurry in my life and the whole Friday evening I spent in the gym organizing papers for our competition. On Saturday there was a raw competition which was held by Herwannan Hauiskääntö. Everything went well but today when I started my work in Espoo I have been very very tired. I will need some rest if I want to survive our Bench Nationals. But hey, I will now add some pics and videos and go to bed. I have some good news too but I will write more during this week.


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  1. Keep up the good work! :D

    Check out the end of the video:
    guy wearing the white hoodie is having extremely strong eye contact with your arse :D

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