After Wednesday my legs were hurting. Despite that I  went to try my DL record.

Thurday 14.10


some front squat with bar and 40kg


– 6×60,80,100

– 3x 120

– 4x6x 140 pb


3 sets

Friday 15.10


a few set with bar

– 6×40, 60, 75

– 1x 92,5

– 5x 102,5


6x 30,40,50

– 2x 60

– 5x 65kg

BP with rubber band

2x2x 40, 3x 40kg

Hyper extension

1x 50 OW

My best squat sets last spring were 7x5x 105kg and that was my personal record. So it was a surprise to me that my 5x 102,5 were very light and also good lifts.

Autumn has arrived so heaters are now on the first time in our apartment. Today I am going to make some pan cake and watch a movie. Tomorrow morning we will go to watch football with Sini and I have very much work to do on the weekend… And I did what Seppo told me to do and I have gained weight. I am feeling soooo faaat :) But it is true that now it is easier to train. I will take part in a competition here in Fellbach 30.10. The competition includes only deadlift and it is an official IPF-competition. I am so excited!!! Only thing is I need to change my trainings now a bit

But here is a video of my DL

with kisses

– Anni

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