Now it has been started. My Diet. But first I will tell something about last weekend. I mentioned that Jossu was here. We went to eat out on Saturday. It was a very nice Spanish restaurant called Cortijo . The food was great and the portions big! I really enjoyed our time there. After that we went to a night club called the Village. Alejandro hadn´t been there and he wanted to visit. I like the place and the music but it was shame that only 2 of those dancing rooms were open. Normally there is 4 of them.

Jossu left on Sunday night and before that we went to eat our last meal and it also was my last meal before diet! I ate some corn and a chicken wrap and of course we also took desserts. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Yam.  

Jossu left and I started my new life and woke before 12 o’clock. I opened my computer and wrote a “to do”-list and then I went shopping for some food. It was very annoying because here is not as much low fat food as we have in Finland. For example cheese with less than 20% fat is not so easy to find. Or brown rice. But I survived! I found some good food and I am actually waiting for all those tasty meals I’m gonna cook. 

I went training. I was planning to do some squats with equipment but I took my DL suit with me so I only warmed up a bit and  concentrated on BP.

Monday 3.1.


6x 20,40,60

– 2×80, 2x 100, 2x 115, 2x 130


6x 60, 3x6x 70


6x 20,30,40,50, 2x 60, 2x 70

– 2x4x 72,5, 2x4x 75kg

Narrow grip BP (2″)

3x8x 70

Exercise wheel

15x OW, 2x 10x 10kg

On Tuesday I went to Nail Studio and cleaned our apartment. Sini is still in Finland and I have started to get a bit bored. But I have been working hard! I am so happy that Sini will come back on  Saturday. I am 22 and my only life is in the gym… I need to start something new. Maybe I will start playing World of Warcraft again. :D

Wednesday 5.1.


6x 20,60,80,100, 2x 120

– 3x8x 140 with belt pb



Lots of abs exercises

My first set was definitely the hardest (video) because I couldn´t believe that I was going to be able to do those sets. But the rest of my lifts were lighter and the best ones were definitely in the third set. Good me!

We decided with Sini to concentrate on travelling a bit. So maybe next time I will have some other things to tell than spending my time in my apartment and going to the gym. :)


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