Finnish Raw Nationals

Again I was too fat I and I needed to drop weight:) On Monday I was weighing 67,2  kilos but I ate a lot on Sunday. I was still in Tampere because I had an exam on Monday morning.  I traveled to Helsinki after the exam, had a badminton game (!!!!!!! I RAN!!!!!))) and some…

Time to grow up, ay

My foot is hurting – a lot. I couldn’t walk yesterday. I should rest sometimes :) Wednesday My flight was cancelled.We noticed it at 2 am when I was checking details of my flight. So I sent an e-mail to my boss that I can not work on Wednesday but I will come on Thursday….

Happy new year!

Like I said I went to cut my hair on Friday. PICS!   So my hair is very short on the left side and “normal” on the right side. And I love it! It is awesome coz now I can have my rock hair but if I want I can still look like a human…


On Monday we arrived at Toronto. We had just four days time to spend there so on Monday we did necessary sighseeing tour. I am not very keen on museums and art so first we went to CN tower. It is one of the modern World wonders and  because I am studying civil engineering it…


Pitkästä aikaa lisätarinaa sponsoreistani. Eli ennne SM-kilpailuja teimme yhteistyösopimuksen Paklaamon – tarkemmin Marika Luodon kanssa. Kauneushoitola Paklaamo toimii aivan Tampereen keskustassa Hallituskatu 17sta. Paklaamosta pääsee tuunaamaan koko vartalon varpaista hiuksiin.Työntekijät ovat uskomattoman mukavia ja olen huomannut kaunistautumisen lisäksi parantavani myös henkistä hyvinvointia :) Nykyään kisamatka ei vain voi alkaa ennen rentouttavaa 2-3 tunnin piipahdusta Paklaamossa….