Spiders… Rats… Bugs….

There has been very warm in Stuttgart and are little creatures has started their life again. I am terrified.

Tusday 21.9.


– cycling


a few sets with bar

– 2x6x 15kg, 6x 70, 6x 90, 3x 110

– 3x8x 120kg *

– 2x8x 100kg – conventional

Rowing with bar

3x6x 50

– Pull-ups

– 4,5,6x OW

Hyper extensional

40x OW

Military press

2x6x 35, 6x 30

Shoulder exercises

So I have done all training now with no belt. I will try to keep it that way as long as I can.. I was a bit surpirsed about my DL. It should be heavier but hey, bettet that way :)

Wednesday 22.9.

Front Squat

a few sets with bar

– 8x 40kg, 3x6x 50kg


3x6x 80kg

Bench Press

a few sets with bar

– 6x 30,40,50 with stop

– 8x 60, 8x 62,5, 8x 65kg

BP with rubber band

4-5 sets 2 attemps with different weights.


3×15 / side

After I left gym I went to check out one Football team here nearby. I went with Sini. When we came back with subway I succeesed to embarresed me again. Horrible 8-leg- monster appeared under my seat. I started my hysterical cry and people startes to stare at me. Sini didnt notice that spider but thank God German Brad-Pitt look-a-like killed it and saved me. I went off next station and noticed same smiles after me.. Next time I will take a tram!

– Anni

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  1. “BP with rubber band”,Mini-bands in double or what kind of set-up?

    1. yes. mini bands in double :)

      I didint remember how strenght were they but I will ask Uwe tomorrow!

      How is your training ?

  2. Well,nothing special but quite fine i guess. My weight is increasing and thats bad :( If bands were JS bands(red ones) they bring about 25-30kilos to up position.

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